•: Welcome to this Sacred Space! :•

                                             My name is Kar Love and I am so happy to help you.  Don’t hesitate to look around, and contact me! 

This is a place I intend you find inspiration, motivation, explanation, solace, insights, hope, connection and healing! ✨ I am so honored to be able to share with you, because Divine Energy runs through all of us, is us, connects us and is something we can work with in our lives. I share my views with you with the intention of help, connection and healing.

Spirit has called me throughout my life, but I finally began to listen around 2009, beginning with energy healings leading to Mediumship Demonstrations in front of hundreds of people. I am also trained and certified in Mediumship, various Energy Healing techniques, Shamanism, in some Psychology and am an Initiate. Experience is the best teacher, but foundations are needed – and my experience is 10 years working full-time with thousands of clients in this capacity. I have worked personally in North America, Europe and Japan, and have online clients all around the world. Time zones still remain challenging to me – being outside of time leads to that! 

I hope you find healing and inspiration on these pages, and realize that you have support.  I hope you step into my world and enjoy! 

May you be blessed on all your ways, you Divine explorer, you Navigator of uncharted territory you!! ♥