"Character without competence makes people inept, but competence without character makes people dangerous."

Introducing my 1:1 business coaching program.  Why do you need this program? 

We understand personal programming. 

We understand being programmed through patterns, family, community, institutions and so on.

However in my experience, many people have a very difficult time recognizing cultural programming.

Our cultural programming underlies our understanding of right and wrong, doable and undoable and our understanding of our places in society and in the universe.

Which means, it also underlies our cultural programming around business.

Just a few hundred years ago, people believed that they were only, and could only be, what they were born into.  The role of their fathers or mothers and those before them.  Now, we know that we can be anything we want to be.

The only constant in this Universe is change. All living things go through evolution, including our cultures and by extension, our understanding of our places and roles in society and in the Universe.

But there is more.  And this is where I come in.

I am here to help you. Help you help our world evolve “business” and the way we do business.

You will help us all change our cultures. By extension, this will help you develop how you show up in business.  Honestly, it will help change how you show up everywhere in your life.

Our modern day culture of business needs to change. This change can happen by learning and implementing compassionate leadership. It is important that a business stays what a business is:  a for-profit organization.

However, nowadays, revenue alone is no longer enough.

Today, it’s about profits and progress, on multiple levels: in compassion, humaneness, inclusivity, environmental and more.

To accomplish all of that, we will dive into your programming around and relationship to, some of the main tools in the business arsenal: power and persuasion. What is power, what is persuasion and why are they important tools in business practices?  If you have no answer to this question, you haven’t even begun to tap into your true potential. If just thinking about power or persuasion and the thought of that, or the thought of owning and working with either or both makes you uncomfortable, you are still trapped in some form of- possibly – cultural conditioning.

This is not just about who you need to be, or who you have to be, but: who else Could you be?  Just how much can you really handle?

Personal Development and Spiritual Growth, done different. We will find ways for you to develop an atmosphere of psychological safety for yourself and your team, strengthen your reputation, build a better brand and prevent or manage crisis situations.



This coaching is ideal for you if the following applies: 

  • You wish to focus on crafting a clear message which includes your principles and ethics

  • You wish to create a plan for your business which includes deeper values, contributing to the change of business culture.

  • You wish to know what may be next on the timeline you are operating on

  • You wish to gain more self-respect and confidence

  • You wish to clear inner minefields of self-sabotage

  • You are navigating through or would like to plan a navigation through crisis

  • You require support to complete goals

  • You wish to find your current leadership style (accepting that styles change as you grow)

  • You wish to develop the invaluable gift of discernment

  • You wish to work through feelings of fear, or feelings of being an “imposter”

  • You wish to find a workable work/life balance for you

  • You trust me with the challenge of complicated or tricky situations, to find viable solutions

Join me in this one-on-one business mentoring program.  We meet regularly, set goals and find solutions and find what needs to be done to evolve yourself and your business.

My work style is a combination of intuition, insight, psychic vision, mindset and strategy. I require the space to move and operate, meaning, the room for absolute honesty with you. I don’t believe honesty has to be harsh, but I will be straight. 

My abilities come through a combination of certifications in healing, experience in military and corporate work environments, years of experience coaching thousands of people and my own personal growth process. 

New Era, new times, the waves of change… are you ready?  When the winds change,  you need to adjust your sails and sometimes even your course. Have you changed your definition of success yet? What does success mean to you now?  Do you mean it when you say you want to be successful?

If you do, then I’m the one for you.

Begin now – take your first action on what you know you need to do: become the person you need to be, so that your business can thrive.

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