Colonization of Consciousness


The Colonization of Consciousness


For this video, i will contemplate the term colonization of consciousness, originally coined by Russell Brand. 

In 1991, the world wide web was born.  Back then, the vast majority had no idea where this would end. Many even though it was a fad, that would soon die down. The @ symbol, web address, email, URL, links, downloads, uploads, installations – now quite common concepts and firmly entrenched in our verbal culture, represented back then a challenging and significant expansion of consciousness, which to this day still demands a lot from some people.

The shocker is not that these things have developed, but the speed with which they have developed. We always seem to forget that knowledge grows exponentially.

After the transfer of many of our real world experiences to the Web, such as banking, shopping, flirting, communication, art, sports (gaming), entertainment, meetups – literally everything our consciousness can do without a body, we are ready for the next step, the new frontier.  It’s not Mars.  It is literally: our Consciousness.

As always with new Frontiers, there are the colonisers, already prepped and waiting, and planting their stakes before the majority realizes what game is even being played.


FB, in spite of multiple privacy issues and scandals is on the verge, actually past the verge, of controlling a new reality. Did they create this new reality, or was it already there and they simply found a way in and a way to capitalize it? Any which way, they acquired Oculus in 2014 which now owns 75% of the VR market.

Many, from Rudolf Steiner through to Nature Spirits have revealed the coming of a new age, a totalitarian, autocratic stage, of a big robotic eye in the sky.

The question is, was this image implanted in us, so our human consciousness serves as a portal, or, manifests this takeover of robotic consciousness? Whatever the case may be, the fundamental dilemma of humaning and humanity remains unchanged. Only the game level has been stepped up – what game are we speaking of?  Love and relationships. We take our relational trauma wherever we go, nothing remains unchanged from the original divine mission:  to love. It might just become a little more complicated.


We’ve always tried to escape.  But it has always caught up with us. As long as humanity hasn’t dealt with their trauma, specifically relational trauma, which creates a fear basis in relationships, this new system or reality, which could be something incredibly beautiful, also might be used to create incredibly terrible. The famous Milgram experiment shows what people are capable of. It shows something darker and unresolved lurking within us which we call evil, but maybe it is simply a destructive force, as necessary as the culturally more acceptable positive, constructive force. Once we integrate and harness our destructive side through recognition, acknowledgement and discipline, we will use it for the good as well.

All things ultimately serve God.

Book of Job:

One day the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them.

7“Where have you come from?” said the LORD to Satan.

“From roaming through the earth,” he replied, “and walking back and forth in it.”

8Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered My servant Job? For there is no one on earth like him, a man who is blameless and upright, who fears God and shuns evil.”

9Satan answered the LORD, “Does Job fear God for nothing? 10Have You not placed a hedge on every side around him and his household and all that he owns? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. 11But stretch out Your hand and strike all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face.”

12“Very well,” said the LORD to Satan. “Everything he has is in your hands, but you must not lay a hand on the man himself.”

Then Satan went out from the presence of the LORD.


Two lessons here, at least: 

  1. – God treated satan as a son and gave him a job, seems to be some kind of Observer and you cannot control the grid from within, to be a god or programmer, you have to be an observer
  2. – The devil is useful to the Divine (so challenges are good)

So… where is the Devil in this new trap of Consciousness?

Make no mistake, ultimately, the game desires that our Consciousness be “inserted” into that reality just as our consciousness was inserted into this one. This time however, we see it, plan it, manifest it and participate in it. Remember:  our brains cannot discern between imagination and reality.  Whatever we experience in that new world, friendship, love, hate, fear, adrenaline – all is real to the mind.  And these experiences with others become memories, which create very real bodily reactions.. and connections.  The mind feels accomplished in that world, receives dopamine hits, and in the “real world” the incentive to achieve is lowered. All these experiences, in our world our own, in this world will belong and be recorded by corporations or other entities with a stake in those worlds.

Does all this mean that this new reality is a bad thing?

Fundamentally no.  All states of Consciousness and Being are there for us to play in and explore.

However, our inability to love and relate is what messes it up for us in each and every layer our consciousness crashes into.  No matter where in this huge Garden of Eden of Consciousness we run and hide, there god will be, waiting for us, asking if we have yet learned to love.

This development could be a phenomenal step – such as with augmented reality – to take advantage of the fact that the brain cannot differentiate imagination and reality, for example for balance, inner peace, and helping heal mental and emotional health issues.

If we don’t learn to work with love, not just our minds, we will create a living hell wherever we go. That means, we can either have tech that serves us, or we can love life and each other so much, that tech will only ever be a tool and a toy.

So now we get to the question:  what is this new reality, in which any that can’t make it to Mars will be forced to be in at some point?


Weeeellll.. lets start with NFT, Web, 3.0, Crypto and the Metaverse.

Realize that part of the colonisation of consciousness involves recognizing the value shifts in a changing society, and that these value shifts are influenced by technology – such as NFTs.

What is an NFT?  NFT is short for non-fungible token, which simply means that it is a non-replaceable token.  Token of what you may ask… we will get to that.

A non-replaceable item is something that exists only once – is not replaceable, like lets say an IKEA chair, or a cheap ramen noodle package.

But to really understand tokens.. we also have to understand the Blockchain.. and what is that?  Well… simplified…

Lets say you have an account at the bank. The bank tallies at the end of the day all your daily account transactions and tells you, you have this amount in your bank account. Now let’s say someone bought  a piece of pie from you, and that cost 3.50. So their bank communicates with your bank and both record the transaction, one side debits, and the other side credits 3.50. Both tally at the end of the day.  Needless to say, these records are meticulous.  Or are supposed to be. But the main thing is, the BANK is what records these transactions.

NOW… enter the Blockchain. The main concept of this kind of ledger is credited to cryptography work that was conducted by two scientists, W. Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber. In their work the goal of the two scientists was to develop a system where the timestamps of a document would be immune to tampering or changes. But the credit for the conceptualization specifically for the Blockchain is given to Satoshi Nakomoto, the elusive figure credited with creating Bitcoin.

Imagine you didn’t need a bank or centralized authority to log these transactions, banks that are often in cohoots with government, or even directing governments and corporations. Let’s say we could do direct transactions without a middle man.   The Blockchain is exactly that, a public record on the internet.  Multiple computers connected to the internet all log the transaction and it cannot be ever changed (theoretically, that was the revolutionary idealistic outset, but many revolutionary ideas are taken over by more practical minds, minor things like integrity have already been compromised, and there was an instance of a ledger discontiuity with Ethereum, but that’s a whole other story.).

Now, the thing about the Blockchain is that it doesn’t differentiate, so this ledger will log and tally anything, and can be applied to non-money or currency.

All we need is that basic human tenet of: if the group agrees it is real, then it is real. In this case, the group validates the reality of it and the value of it, and for the most case, no one cares enough to make a huge deal of what someone else chooses to purchase and at what price, so if a dancing gif is worth several hundred thousand to someone, the many watching eyes shrug and say “ok” and so the reality and the value of the dancing gif has been set.

So the Blockchain is uniquely positioned to give tangible value to things, where traditionally, tangible value has been hard to place, such as art, memorabilia, etc.

Part of the upcoming changes that we will experience is that we can apply value to non-material things, such as emotions, or speculated hype.

But this ledger requires that computers do constant calculations, all day and all night, forever.  Now the Ethereum Blockchain stores most NFT’s and that requires the same energy as a small nation, like Serbia. This is a problem, because as the ledger grows, so do the energy requirements.

Right  now, some of the companies working with the blockchain already include, banks, such as BBVA, Barclays, HSBC and Visa, Supply chains, such as Unilever, Walmart, ford, Healthcare, such as the FDA, Pfizer, CDC and Change Healthcare, Insurances, such as Metlife, Prudential; AIG, AIA, Energy Corp such as Shell, Siemens, Abu Dhabi National Oil, Trade, such as Mizuho, SEB, People’s Bank of China, Scotiabank, ANZ, Travel, such as Lufthansa, Delta, British Airways, UAE Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Real Estate such as Brookfield Asset Mgmt, Coldwell Banker, Governments, such as Sweden, Uganda, Singapore, South Korea and Dubai…

El Salvador has now made Bitcoin legal tender, which shows, how this all Is not a joke, has “real”  world effects, is way past the point of return, and the problems presenting is pushing our minds to evolve, think differently and find solutions. It is also clear, why corporations and governments are pushing for societal, energy and network change to adapt to growing requirements and what they see as evolution.  People have to come to terms with this happening, because, technologically, we’re not going backwards.

One of the solutions they found, which sounds very inhumane to us, possibly normal to future generations, may be the Microsoft patent for a crypto currency system using body activity data – basically using the body heat you generate living breathing and doing tasks, such as running, cycling, browsing online to fuel crypto mining, and pays you in tokens.  Very Darwinian. More information is in links in the description box below this video.

Which bridges nicely into the Metaverse, the right now very SIMS like world which we are about to dive into.  Make no mistake – You will dive into it.  Best to fortify your connection with what we call and assume is the organic world, and your concept of God once again.

Remember back when the internet began, we had no idea where this would all lead to… We didn’t.

Same with the Metaverse, we can speculate, but ultimately, where it all ends up, we will have to see.  But there are some pretty good assumptions we can make, such as – since it is still being built on the human consciousness we currently inhabit, there will still be power structures and inequality, and experiences of non-love.  Right now, wealthy people are already buying “land” and items they own in the Metaverse, holding concerts and so on – and gaining a strong footing, before the majority even realizes the game levels have switched. Phew… better the devil you know right?

Back when the internet first began, it was the Web.  It was basically a place where you could have a one page informational website and send some messages. But then we moved into Web 2.0, which is where we currently reside.  This is more community oriented and highly interactive. But, there is still only one thing you can buy and own in internet land, and that is a domain name.

Enter Web 3.0 – this is where things are about to get really interesting.  Thanks to NFTs and crypto, which will surely evolve over time, we might see people who are absolute millionaires or even billionaires in 3.0, but own nothing in our physical real lives.  We might see people getting married with what we call fictional characters in 3.0, and only living with a cat in their physical life.  We might even see murders due to occurrences in the Metaverse, jealousies over bots, etc. Our entire language might change to incorporate the two realities we experience, and once again, our consciousness will evolve, to shift our sense of identity and what humanity is and what constitutes being human. The rejection of the concept of spirituality, that we are more than our bodies, might be lifted as people acknowledge that our lives play out in our minds, that we are non-physical and that a memory made in SIMS land, is just as real to our consciousness, as a memory made in the physical world.  The internet, now free, will be owned by individuals, and be ever expanding mind worlds requiring an ever expanding machine to manage it. Who knows where this will all go although the endgame is obvious.

I wonder if this is an escape for humanity into a different world as something enters our current one, or a deeper trap for our souls than we can even perceive. This is a natural tech progression, but without the equally important progression of the human heart, this could end up being the biggest  nightmare ever.

Either way, I believe God will be waiting there too, but that is a personal belief.

Whatever is purchased in the Metaverse, people will have full rights, due to the Blockchain. So in a nutshell:  The importance of NFTs, is that they are the foundations of blocks of value in the Metaverse.

Remember:  money is worth what it is, because of our social agreement that these slips of paper are valuable.

The value of the NFT lies in how much those that embrace it, see it. There is only one of each NFT, forever and ever. 

Of course, I hope you realize, that the ultimate NFT is DNA.

So how can NFTs benefit you right now?

Let’s say you make a song as an NFT.  You can make a note and set the initial sale to one dollar, and .80 every time the song is sold. That way you get one dollar when someone purchases your song, and if they resell it also for a dollar, they make .20 cents and you make .80. Forever and ever and ever. This is wild when you think about the potential of reselling brands, real estate, anything in the Metaverse – which is right now the Wild West, but with zero law and order.

There are no banks, governments, corporations, no middle men taking a cut, no labels like apple or spotify, NADA. But there are no regulatory bodies yet,  which is why a unique digital identity for everyone is also so important to those who wish to retain control…  Even entry to a verse will have a base cost.

So now, we have natural and virtual reality, and the virtual will become as real to us as the natural.  Maybe not in our lifetime, but for sure in the next generations, as kids are being born every day who don’t know a different world.  Many of you watching this right now might not even know a world without the internet, that world being a long gone relic of the distant past.

We will soon be doing everything in the Metaverse, company outings to expensive Metaverse parks, meetings, meetups, dinners ( as you eat in your kitchen), sports and gym, concerts, school, university – worldwide campuses, excursions to Mount Everest from the safety of your living room, the list is endless.  As AI grows, it will take over all our manual labour requirements, such as growing, harvesting, processing and packing and shipping food, building 3d print homes, and wearables.  Ultimately, even the most intimate processes of human life could become something from home and with goggles, or implants, through bots, while our partners reside half-way around the world.  Procreation will definitely change, perversions initially become more rampant, as inhibitions lower as everything is now easily commodified through non-living sentients.

The next steps is of course also bringing those holograms into our physical world as well. Remember, the mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality – but it creates fantasy and knows what a fantasy is.  

Now Facebook knows this new reality, and has set itself up as the Programmer.  Eventually you will be lured into this world, or live as an outcast. They will sell this to us as a better way to live to reduce the impact of us being on the planet – because of course, there are no better solutions that they have found, apparently.

Facebook and other tech giants seek to control us in three key ways:  Religious, Economic and Political control.

People will have no choice but to join in, experiencing pressure from all three sides.

One example would be the pastor of Hillsong, an American mega church, now holding exclusive to the Metaverse ( there will be other -verses) church sessions there.

Political control has already been demonstrated.

Economic control will be demonstrated through crypto and work life being brought to the Metaverse.

Whom do we trust to own our reality? Do we feel it is right that someone else will be able to own and control our memories and lives we build in the Metaverse?   There will be no free speech -forget that. Is this the coming of Ahriman?

We are humanity.  We are explorers and navigators of the mystic seas and I guess we will find out how to love in the Metaverse and figure out solutions  to other problems when we get there.

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Forward unto Dawn people.

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