Our Intuition!

Hi there! Join me in this chat about our Intuition, why we need it and how to access it! How can it work for you? How does yours work for you?  You can watch the video above or listen to the podcast below.  We cover these points: 

1. What is Intuition? Brings in new information from outside the known 

2. How can it be blocked? 

3. How can it operate? 

4. Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing 

5. Intention and taking action 

6. Visualization and practice 

7. Feel into it 

8. Creativity 

9. Observe how it works 

10. It isn’t fear, inner critic, judgment or opinion of others

When you’re ready, reach out and join the group working with their intuition, instead of suppressing and see where it takes you in your life!

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