Interview with David Icke! On Consciousness, Credo Mutwa and Racism

Join me in this chat with David Icke! David Icke has conducted an amazing amount of research in over 30 years of diving down the rabbit hole. At first no one wanted to listen, but he continued on his mission to alert humanity. Now, many more people are alert, due to his incredible work. This chat we’re having here is centered around 2021, Consciousness, Credo Mutwa, racism and more! Agree or don’t agree with the view and perspectives discussed here, however people like David Icke are so important in our society, nowadays more than ever. May your mind remain free, curious, inquisitive, playful, expansive, hopeful, and may we all fight for the values which were incredibly costly for humanity to gain: Freedom of thought, speech and vision.


Also listen to the Podcast below!

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