Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power!
Not true, this phrase is for the simple
like money makes you happy
is for the limp and lacking zappy
when probably true Happiness is popping a decent pimple
1 Corinthians Ch 13 V 1-4 as our prime example:

There is no Power in Knowledge
if it comes without Love
and this is straight on guidance from Above
Because Knowledge equals Power
is just another Creed for unchecked Greed
of those desperate to “succeed”
A good sales point for Universities

Because what Power do we the People have now?
with all this available Knowledge lying around now?
All this Knowledge causing fights over how, how, how?
Giving the Dark the Last Laugh
as it has us tied up in fits
obsessing over how to disseminate this
what do we use Knowledge for right now in our lives
sister rise rise rise?

We’ve known since time began at least over 7000 years,
humans come in different colors, ages, genders, sizes, eyes, nose and ears
We know we only live decades maybe 100 years
we also know we have a certain number of fears
We also know love has the power to open what one hears

And yet here we are
proving Knowledge equals Pride
not Power at all
Since we can’t even hear the Great Call
coming from the most Powerful to us ALL
As Knowledge misused lays all around
And Knowledge can be twisted by the one by whom it is found

Try This:

Love is what sets you free
Knowledge doesn’t even open a door
that Willpower is not prepared for
Love is what heals all divide
Pride carries it all deep inside
Knowledge alone doesn’t let you conquer and vanquish pride
or let you bridge over the divide
Insidious it hides and then is used as a Tool to further divide

Love is what builds, reaches, connects and ties
Love makes your Willpower rise rise rise
We are Spirits living in a world of concepts and dreams
Some still ask: Well what does that mean?
We make it all real with our Willpower under Love
we manifest ANY Truth per Power from Above

Look, our entire concept of “Truth” has been tainted
a real deep bait ‘n switch game been instituted
so understand this:
Knowledge is not about Truth
which leads to Pride if not tempered wise
Don’t believe me then listen to Melinda Gates’ lies
It becomes a further trap manipulative bait
by the Dark who just can’t seem to wait
With all our Knowledge and critical Debate
we’re missing the Point of Late
in order for suffering to abate
it is soon becoming much too late
(which is the goal, or is it all just egoshow?)

The Great Call has gone out to us all
To Love one Another is the Whole of the Law
No ifs, buts and whens or depending on
the Knowledge of it All

Don’t let Intellectual Curiousity
blind you to the Pride
(Or the Levels of Fear, my Dear)
you create and hold inside
which in critical moments
as we see all around
rise up, rule and abound
Stealing balance and peace
both of which are the keys

To This:

Love is the only Power there is
True Power is not in harmony with violence more with Bliss
Power to grow, to bridge, to release and harmonize,
Power to unite over impossible divides
The only true Power that encompasses All supports and underlies
All Knowledge and Lives
(and don’t be mistaken, even in the Trenches of War Love Tries)

It is Do as Thou Wilt is the Whole of the Law
Love under Will
is the twist that that Satanist saw
Will under Love, Love Above Will,
is the only Truth there is
Everything else inevitably leads to what is called the Abyss

Now where do we go, what do we do, after the Knowledge of THIS?

Love, Karleen ❤️

Image: Naga Dance by camilkuo on DeviantArt

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