Get this 36- Video Course on Psychic Development & 7-Bonus Videos on Healing from Narcissism + Gift Wallpaper Pack for all devices and most Apps (Zoom, etc.)!

This 36 video set covers everything you need to know about basic Psychic Development! 

What can you expect? Let’s see!

In this 36+ video series you can find information on (1-4 videos on each topic): 

  • Your Four Bodies corresponding to the Four Elements
  • Learning to read anything – Omenology
  • Asking the right Questions
  • Truth Testing
  • Your Psychic Abilities 1-3!
  • Remote Viewing
  • The Necessity for Sacrifice = to make sacred
  • Self-Care and Cleansing
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Breathing with Higher Realms
  • The Akashic Records
  • A visit to the Pyramid of Learning about Energy and Transmutation
  • Overcoming Duality
  • Your Star Family
  • How to Reset and Overcome Almost Anything
  • The Dark Topics

Also added in for you are: 

  • Energy Clearing- Healing Grief
  • Energy Clearing- Blocks of Abundance
  • Disconnect from the Moon Matrix

And: BONUS PACK #1 – Videos to help Heal from Narcissism: 

  • Why are Narc Relationships so Damaging?
  • The Creation of the Narc
  • Obsession – How to let it GO
  • How to Make the Most of Moving On
  • Why your Mothering Energy BLOCKS you more than it helps you
  • The REAL Danger of Narc Relationships
  • Bonus Reading: Waiting for Karma will Block Your Blessings

And on top of all that:  ENJOY  the pretty pictures in the free for you  –  12-Pack Wallpaper download!  The images can be used as backgrounds in your next zoom meeting, on your phone – or wherever you like! Each one has been intentioned and infused with peaceful, healing and lightening energy. 

This entire package will take weeks, if not months, to get through and is yours for only $159.99

That’s absolutely it for OVER 40 videos on Psychic Development for you to work through!! No subscription fees and drip email, piece by piece, week by week – no it’s all yours: now.

Not only are the videos yours to download, not just stream – but what you learn here, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own zone, will be with you: forever and ever. 

This offer is honestly nowhere, no-where else – So take the step, invest in your own abilities and growth, dive into your true gifts and abilities – and if you have been keeping up with my recent livestreams on Youtube – you know why this is so IMPORTANT to do during these times.   

You may have a calling to work in the healing field and I know the information and the exercises in this package will give you valuable experiences and insights, and provide further incredible, not-to-be-missed Tools at your disposal.