Resistance and Willpower

How is resistance a weakness and not the protection we think it is?

We instinctively resist anything that threatens:

  1. our self-identity and how we perceive ourselves
  2. what others think of us – contrary to what many people say, the truth is, most people do care about how others perceive them (that’s why we’re still hurt by betrayals, misperceptions, etc.)
  3. what we hold and accept to be true, learned in earliest childhood
  4. our assessment of what we need to do to change, how easy we can make the change, and resist being forced to acknowledge the true value we place on the change we would have to make to create a shift.

When a piece of information threatens how we perceive ourselves, our identity, our role in the world, and is contrary to something we value, we resist it. It becomes hard to integrate. Such as hearing the sentence: “You’ve gained weight.”

When a piece of information threatens how others perceive us, we resist it. “If you talk like that, you sound like a conspiracy theorist.”

When a piece of information threatens what we first heard (the very first time we hear about something taints and colors what we think about that topic moving forward), especially if we first heard it from an “essential” Source, such as parents, teachers, the Matrix, then we resist the information that comes from a “non-essential” source.

When we have decided that a change is necessary, but are unwilling to pay a reasonable price, we recognize that we don’t value ourselves enough for the change, and become resistant to acknowledging this, because it threatens point number 1. So we find excuses.

If a person knows how to engage the earliest and most primal memories and feeling states in others, the more pervasive an influence they have.

There are four major stages of acquiring competence, or, learning. We first move through Unconscious Incompetence, or, not knowing that we don’t know, to Conscious Incompetence, or, knowing that we don’t know.

Before we move through to the next stages though, we make a quick choice. We now either adopt the new information, or, if the pain of adaptation is too great (see above), we delete the experience, deny or dismiss it and go back to square one, and generate a rationale for staying in the same mindset. ie.: “I didn’t like the messenger.”

If we choose to continue, we then move into Conscious Competence and then Unconscious Competence.

We also instinctively resist and are reactant to what others tell us, but never resist what we ourselves conclude. That sinks right down into our subconscious.

We instinctively resist – this is usually unconscious and reactive from the reptilian brain – any perceived takeover or threat of loss of personal autonomy – even psychologically, for example: free unasked advice, even if it is good advice.

The points of greatest resistance in a person, are the points where manipulators can exert the greatest influence, and if you are able to wrap these points in persuasive material (presentation and communication) and align to the areas that generate resistance, resistances will melt away.

Because -> Again: people do not doubt or question their own conclusions. The realm of a Master Healer, Hypnotist, Guru, Marketer, Salesman, Politician, etc. is to >engineer those very conclusions<.

Mirroring a person – verbally and/or physically (empaths are able to emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well) is a fantastic method to align with someone, and make them feel connected to you, because people listen to themselves.  It works, for you to understand their deeper motivations and for them to allow your energy (and willpower, if you use it) into their field.

Good Healers then often need to only say the right thing, in the right way at the right moment, and because they are in the other’s energy field, they can now become the inner voice of the person they are working with, unlocking the willpower within them, to do what needs to be done. Because they are aligned to the person, initially becoming the other, they can then gently push in a helpful direction, or using their willpower, steer things where they want it to go. Exhausting – but it works… because people never question what goes on in their minds, or what they feel they have concluded themselves. (When it comes to energy work, I have no doubt in my mind, that quantum entanglement plays a role here as well.)

From marketing through relationships through culture, through agendas and interests we see this information used against people – much more than for.

Protests and activism? Are absolutely necessary – but unfortunately, they have become a great marketing Tool with staged protests and are now barely more than just another way for someone to put themselves on the map, if that is what they would like to do.

Nowadays, the pitchfork, torches, marching and attention grabbing method is simply a perfect way to zap energy from people and their movements – how? Anyone remember the Occupy Movement – that liberal leftist movement (also classified as socialist) I too cheered on back in 2011, of the ‘99%’ , sparked by a strong emotional charge generated by Wall Street/the System. This movement has long been caught and twisted back, working against, not for.

We can see the four points above playing out.

In reacting to the emotional charge, what did those that were for Occupy (not looking to see if they were right or wrong, that’s a charge):

  1. Not like about how they were made to view themselves by Wall Street/the System via actions taken
  2. not like how they were portrayed, or seen by others, via actions taken or not taken by the System
  3. threatened by these actions in what they believed to be true from childhood up, how they were taught the world should be
  4. resentful of the work it would take to make the changes needed to come about?

In alignment with the knowledge on resistance above, just as in martial arts, any move will be caught and twisted around and against. Your willpower, or even better: complete, truthful, lack thereof, will be used against you.

Sometimes, that willpower has to be generated first, so it can be broken later. We see that in dealings with the willpower of the masses all the time.

According to Roy Baumeister: “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength” , willpower is a finite resource dependent on sleep and blood sugar. We have certain units of it (if you could measure it) per day, and a finite amount over a lifetime. Every time we use our willpower, we burn units of this “energy”. We use our willpower to not speak up, not fight back, not eat that cookie, not get angry at the kiddos, not snap at the cashier, not yell out the window driving by… etc. By the end of the day, we are zapped. And then we binge on food, alcohol – whatever, to recoup the units of energy lost.

Maybe that is why so many people live, without ever truly activating their willpower, except in necessities or emergencies, and then they unleash and they feel “alive as never before”.

Here an article going in depth on the topic:

Because willpower also uses brain power, and the brain feasts on glucose, these units can be boosted through -for example -sugary drinks (the high and focus after a Red Bull), but it is not a solution. It’s best to exercise willpower regularly through delayed gratification and train it like a muscle.

You can’t really force people to go against their willpower (or lack thereof, for example, you can’t force love) – you will have to exert extreme force – in some form – to do so. So … how is the exertion of force minimized, but the effect maximized? And how does that go hand in hand with most people not even truly using their willpower at all?

To bring someone to do something they wouldn’t usually do, or don’t want to do, there has to be willpower present, either in one direction or the other.

To awaken this genuine willpower out of nowhere, people unused to tapping into their willpower, usually need to react to a generated emotional charge, which revs up willpower for them. Then, that willpower can be harnessed and triggered, by whomever controls the emotional charge. So, someone wanting to manipulate someone, for better or for worse, has to know how to generate an emotional charge in the other person.

Once the emotional charge has triggered the willpower, and the actions responding to the emotional charge have been taken or not (doesn’t matter which, willpower has been used to do sth, or refrain from doing sth, and that’s what is desired, the burning up of willpower), willpower is depleted, used up and people have no more of that energy left.

This is when people usually default to the most basic, primitive, hedonistic, primal and unconscious, for them uncontrollable behaviours (i.e. binge eating after a bad day at work, rioting after fave team lost at a hockey game, wild sex after telling themselves all the bad reasons why they shouldn’t – you name it.)

Seducers can work with this through temptation and withdrawal, or, constant presence (such as in the case of grief of one person), depending. Once the willpower is depleted, the seducer has won, they cannot be resisted anymore, even if the other person doesn’t really want to. Something – even if not everything – something will give. For example, someones song playing non-stop on the radio and now it won’t leave your head, and you sing along…

On crowd levels, this dynamic is used, in crowd control – by allowing people to riot and burn off intense willpower, which the majority of the crowd in truth has never honestly tapped in to before. This willpower isn’t even really of the crowd, it was artificially triggered through: an emotional charge, generated by an event and subsequent influencing media or speeches, etc. – in any political direction, they all play the same game, doesn’t matter.

Then crowd consciousness takes over, the Law of Entrainment kicks in (The Law of Entrainment states when two different frequencies are in the presence of one another, they will always come into resonance with each other; the lower frequency will move up to meet the higher one. Except in crowd masses, where it is the opposite of what we understand higher to be. Because most people vibe with fear, the ‘higher’ one in this case is simply the majority one) and click, the gate just locked behind you… the sheep have been herded by the wolves.

Read: Gustave Le Bon and Edward Bernays, all still applicable today.

Oh – that’s how frenemies work too: They let you burn through your willpower, then stand to the side and let you fall… burnt out.

Pay attention.

Another reason people don’t change, are resistant and therefore gullible to manipulations of any sort is simple:

  1. Laziness and Complacency. Because of Reason 1 – It is easier to stay within the confines of what we think we already know. Anything that threatens self or identity is triggered, and identity is linked and related to “stuff”.

This is why locational change, closet clean outs and so on can be powerful. Moving or simply rearranging furniture can be powerful for implementing change within, and getting feelings of stuckness going. Learning anything about ourselves or life, if we don’t use and practice it, remains tied to the contextual setting we acquired it in. Two examples:

  1. It is known that people that use drugs, i.e. heroin, can have adverse reactions, even causing death, when using in an unfamiliar setting, so a different context, the body was not prepared for.
  2. Learning self-defense or boxing in one setting only, is contextual, so if there is no training in a real- life scenario, it is unlikely what has been learned will be used, or used properly, because the situation arose out of context, to how information was learned or assimilated and integrated.

One of the (of the three major lessons I learned while there) most powerful lessons in my life, I learned through my GM, when I was working as the Office Manager at an Airport.  

One day, he called me into his office and asked me to close the door behind me. I sat down, and he went on to tell me that he had a problem… and instead of solving it himself, he would like me to participate on this. He trusted my intuition, and after working with me for some time, as I was his right hand, he was sure he could trust me on this.

He told me he only had five options, and explained the problem and the five solutions. He needed me to go over everything again, and simply pull out three of the five doable, for him to choose from. No more than three.

I said ok, and got to work. After going over everything, I walked back to him the next day with the only three options I saw viable for our airport, and actually, I truthfully only saw two, as we currently stood, and told him so.

He laughed and said, “Thank you – I knew I could trust you to find the options I had already seen as best, out of the five I had already decided viable.”

He explained, that there were initially more solutions on the table, so the problem wasn’t that dire, and he had already chosen the five solutions he could live with. I could have chosen any or either one of the five, it didn’t really matter. What mattered was: I felt seen, heard, valued and included, and was therfore was willing to go do the work for him.

He said: “You have just had a major lesson in democracy.” Trust me, I will never forget it.

He then asked me to go explain the three options to the rest of the team, the Property Manager, Operations Managers, Finance and ask them to get in their choices by the end of the day. Putting a limit on time, ups the personal investment, which places an emotional charge…which as you now know, leads to willpower depletion, so whatever they chose, willpower was already depleted in making an inconsequential choice, and there was no willpower to go against what he had already decided from the outset, unknown to all. Because we were all made to think we had been a part of the decision making process, and exerted willpower in making a choice, we agreed with any of the options presented, and there would be no willpower left for any major pushback.

Building in the option of choice, especially with a time limit, will always let people change quickly and efficiently, if they are made to think they made the choice themselves (climate change). We are brought up to believe in this concept of choice, this form of “choice”. We have no other version of Choice in our minds. We have been taught that having a choice, is the greatest freedom there is, the greatest luxury.

And that, my friends, is how this global ship is run.

Due to the daily flood of inconsequential choices you make in life, in the grocery store, which brand to choose from, when they all lead back to the same huge conglomerate, or the choice if you stay an hour longer at work or not, head out with the colleagues or not, hit the gym or not, what channel to choose, what show to watch, whom to date on Saturday night, the inherited political game of ball between two parties, supposedly representing the people, when neither do, choosing during the occasional referendums and smaller votes (for example, if Quebec should secede from Canada – back then everyone knew it wasn’t going to happen, but hey, let’s make the voters feel a part of the process – the true decisions, however, we don’t even hear about and are made far in advance by a small group of people) – our personal and collective willpower is EXHAUSTED. We don’t have the willpower to go against wheels that have been set in motion a long time ago, so we find ways to rationalize, and maintain points 1,2,3,4 and 5.

So how to work with this knowledge?

You have to live in this society, and can’t be unaware of manipulative processes for your attention and time, or the manipulations for you to focus a positive observation on a different reality which then, according to the double slit (if you haven’t heard of this look it up) collapses into being, at which point you have exerted willpower and made a choice – willpower you now have to regain.

Start small.

Begin to look around and see where you yourself resist your own self and your own life. What about yourself can you not accept? What came naturally with you into this world, that you feel is intolerable about you?

Then look around you and have a look at the birds you cruise with, or that fly with you. Remember physics and the Law of Entrainment, different frequencies always seek to harmonize (like women staying in the same house start to have the same cycle), and ask yourself, am I flying up, or flying down? These tribal influences are important. They of course, influence how you perceive yourself, the world and yourself in it (Alignment to AI for example).

The minds around you maintain an image of you in them, usually negative, which they consistently aim to see collapse into a reality for you, therefore robbing you of your birthright. For most, it is not about that, it is simply about rule number one: maintaining their self-image at your expense. If they can gain from alignment with you, in any way shape or form, it will be positive, until they can’t.

Remember the double-slit experiment, on the quantum level, everything acts like light, immaterial, so everything is a potential until it collapses via observation into a reality, an expected reality. Be careful who observes your potential, and whom you tell what to.

So, if you have friends who only pop up:

  1. When they feel they can finally one-up you
  2. When they feel that they can measure themselves against you
  3. When they feel entitled to information about you and your life, info you are unwilling to share
  4. If you have explained a situation to someone a million times, and they still ask you about it as if it is the first time
  5. Who feel triggered by your shift in energy or movement forward, because it triggers their number one (self-identity) and pick up the phone to check on you…

You are dealing with a frenemy, and need to remove yourself from that. Just as any negatively charged relationship.

This goes for any negatively charged relational dynamic: Now expand that dynamic many, many times, and what is the relation of a people to its authorities? We see the same various dynamics and types of abuse, on this relational level, as on the personal level. Different countries/cultures have different relations to authorities, which all begin on the personal level. Which is why, for authorities, it is this personal level of human relating, which they must gain influence over.

Develop to the point where you don’t waste your time and energy simply going through life making choices (left, right, blue, red), but you are focusing on and embodying principle, and the choices flow out of that. You flow with life. Principles direct your flow. If you follow principle, there are less choices. Either something is in alignment with the principle, or not. Your energy is your own to do with in this life.

This can seem absolutely crazy to others, but remember, you will never, ever gain validation, acknowledgment or recognition from people that cannot gain some form of energy, attention, time, willpower from you. It won’t happen. You will be invisible to them. They will never understand how life can shift for you on a dime, because… of their Number 1,2,3,4 and 5.

When you cruise on principle, instead of using up willpower on daily, small, inconsequential choices, when a situation arises, where you have to use your willpower to propel yourself into a certain direction, you will have it in spades, stored up, and will really be able to make a difference, in your life or in the lives of others.

Following principle will train your willpower, through delayed gratification (even our bodies prefer low GI carbs for example). People conscious of their willpower and the power of it, cannot be manipulated. Know that willpower can seep from you unawares, be mindful.

Live as resistance free as possible – take care of built up resistances in your body, loosen tensions, and also in your mind, spirit and soul. Everything is going to work out for you, and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end. Keep flowing. Remove yourself as much as you are able, from influences which develop resistances in you, especially over time.

If someone says you are blue, say yes, I am blue, and enjoy being blue, because you are that too: AND MORE – they only see a fraction.

If the next says you are orange, say yes, I am orange and enjoy being orange in their eyes, shimmer and shine.

Look at where you have the most resistance in your life, and either dissolve the resistance, or change your situation, best is both. Then become aware of your willpower (nothing to do with the gym, that’s another conditioning, but a good one at times) and the lack of use and training, and why you’re not, and then move from there, make your mistakes, learn… and

dare to truly think free…

⨝ 🕊️

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