Song of the Soul – Part 2

Says the soul to me: 

I’ve birthed the babe
breathed as the babe
been adopted mother too
been the father, been the aunt
and the midwife Yoo

i’ve sown the seeds
and planted crops
killed a man or two
and also Marshalled Vorwärts
deep in bloody Waterloo

I’ve risen as the God-King
been the Queen as well
fainted as the Princess
enjoyed the Princely swell

the old man and old woman
roles i once have played
drunken song as bard and mime
Jokers long time slayed

Fool’s gold have I followed
and tarried much too long
in dark dank places
without a helpful song

thrown high by neon signs
that absolutely brought delight
but left me hollow and confused
in deserted ghost town nights

weed watched Jericho Roses
tumble with not an own
for drifters, see, they do not crown a home
the crows simply sat and picked age old bones

Now it is mine to bid farewell
to all illusion in which i have dwelled
but know when you are ready,
in that readiness i’ll be
me and thee in thee
singing “come, come, come unto me”


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