The Dance

and still i dance
 i learned what the world is made of
  i learned who made it
  i learned what it can do
  poisoned bites
  burying deep
  stealing soul
  Poisoned arrows
  shoot to kill
  gaping wounds
  kept open by unmasked attempts of lied love

  and still i dance
  i learned what i am made of
  i learned who made me
  i learned what i can do
  and that there are no boundaries between me and you
  save the illusion of our difference
  the illusion of time
  the illusion of space
  the illusion of not having grace
  the illusion of impossibility
  the illusion of saving face

  and still i dance
  i of the blue ray
  White winged fire tipped
  swallow my form
 eat my concepts
  and still i cannot be known had used owned
  Spirit is the dance
  and on i dance

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